Wild Card


The wild card is awarded by the Plaża Open 2021 organizer in agreement with the Polish Volleyball Federation (PZPS).

In each tournament of Plaża Open as part of the Polish Grand Prix in beach volleyball, the organizer has the right to grant one wild card for the men’s and women’s tournament.

The organizer has the right not to award any wild card to any team in the tournament.
The wild-card pair gets the right to play in the main tournament, and their seed depends on the total ranking points.

In the event of an equal number of pairs’ ranking points in the main event, the draw for seeding will be carried out after the elimination is completed by the referee in the presence of the competition commissioner. Interested teams, players or organizers may participate in the draw.

A wild card in three, two and one star tournaments may only be awarded to a player once per season. If, as a result of a mistake or deliberate action, a player scores points by playing wildcard in subsequent tournaments, the points for both players in that pair in that tournament are forfeited.


1. To apply for a wild card you must correctly fill in the “Wild card application” through the google form and submit it in a timely manner.

2. Deadlines for wild card applications to Plaża Open tournaments:
10.07.2021 r., 16:00Plaża Open 2021 Cieszyn
03.08.2021 r, 16:00Plaża Open 2021 Myślenice
08.08.2021 r., 16:00Plaża Open 2021 Kołobrzeg
15.08.2021 r., 16:00Plaża Open 2021 Białystok