Become volounteer of
Plaża Open 2021!

Plaża Open is a nationwide series of beach volleyball in Poland, which perfectly combines great fun with sports emotions at the highest level. The uniqueness of the event is influenced by both the Organizers, Project Partners, Sponsors, fans, as well as Volunteers, who are a key element of the preparations for the tournament and during its play. Volunteering will allow you to learn the secrets of organizing beach volleyball tournaments as part of the Polish Grand Prix, i.e. the elimination of women and men to the final tournament of the Polish Beach Volleyball Championships.

This year, Plaża Open will visit four cities, so we really need you! We encourage you to read the details of volunteering and invite you to cooperation!

Wolontariat – funkcje

Court staff

– Scoreboard keeper

– Ballboy/Ballgirl

– Sand equalizers – people with rakes taking care of the proper condition of the court before, during (between sets) and after the match

Plaża Open Town

– Animation zone support – organizing games for children and the audience

– Press Office support

Technical support

– Installation of scenography – incl. construction of courts, arming the stands, setting up tents

– Installation of advertising banners and flags

– Installation of boards separating courts (banner posts around the basin and banner frames installed between the courts)

Volunteering – what do we offer?

T-shirt and shorts
baseball cap
badge + lanyard

food refreshments
regenerative snacks
Plaża Open Partners product package
a certificate confirming participation in volunteering

Volunteer! Remember that…

Plaża Open tournaments give you the opportunity to make new friends, develop teamwork skills, experience in organizing competitions of the Polish Championship rank, and, of course, a certificate of volunteering. Moreover, you can be sure of a great atmosphere!

Volleyball enthusiasts gain the opportunity to watch matches at the highest level and have direct contact with players.

We value reliability, availability, honesty, creativity, punctuality and willingness to act.

To become a Volunteer

  1. Go to one of the Facebook groups or leave a message on wolontariat@bdbevent.pl
  2. If you are under age, parental consent is required.
  3. Wait for an answer and information about the next Volunteer meeting.

Don’t hesitate any longer and join our team today! Nice atmosphere, fun and valuable experiences guaranteed 🙂

Plaża Open 2021 Volunteering Groups on Facebook:
16-18 July- Cieszyn
8-10 August- Myślenice
13-15 August- Kołobrzeg
20-22 August – Białystok

Click on given city above or call us:
+48 667 021 797.